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Superfoods in a Shot

welcome in for your daily dose!

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Pep on a a Bowl...or in a Glass.

Peppy's Super Salads
Super Salads
Peppy's Super Smoothies
Super Smoothies
Peppy's Super Sandwiches
Super Sandwiches
Peppy's Super Bowls
Super Bowls
Peppy's Super Shots
Super Shots
Peppy's Super Snacks
Super Snacks
Peppy Superfoods
peppy Superfoods
Many vegetables and vegetable juices

Delicious Energy



After a lifelong struggle with gut health issues, Feri aged 53 , has suffered with food allergies or intolerances that made eating out a nightmare. With a lifelong background in health and fitness as a wellness coach she understood how food can impact ones digestion and immunity helping herself and others find strategies to reducing inflammation and stregthening the immune system.


Phil also comes from a fitness background and poured his passion into creating yummy food that Feri could eat and the inspiration for both Feri and Phil for Peppy Superfoods. 

We care about what people eat, we care that they enjoy what they eat even with the restrictions and we care about educating and informing people that everybody's body is different and we all react and repond differently to food. 


  1. Nutritious and delicious food instantly (in a shot)

  2. Create a Learning environment to develop awareness of how food and our lifestyle choices affects our energy, our immune system, our mood etc

  3. Provide a career and lifestyle opportunity to own and operate your own Peppy businesses without being a chef or marketing experts.

Feri & Phil from Peppy
Low GI
Preservative free
Peppy Strawberries

Eat for Emotional + Physical + Mental Pep

  1. Weight loss is a side effect of getting healthy

  2. Cellular nutrition means Feeding your cells not just your stomach

  3. Detoxify yourself with the food you choose

  4. Superfoods are nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Put Pep in your step.

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