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About Us

Feri from Peppy


For Physical, emotional and mental Pep

The Peppy Philosophy is based on 8 principles of wellness

  1. Feel Peppy - Being Connected – feels like home, friendly, belonging to the place and the food

  2. Be Aware – of food that gives me energy and food that takes it away, become aware of the foods that promote health and wellness – join our pep talks

  3. Become Resilient – Strengthen your immune system with superfoods that are energy boosting and fight sugar cravings. Pep in a shot

  4. Make better decisions – Pep on your plate. Choose delicious food that gives you energy rather than zaps it .

  5. Intuition - Pep for personal power. Trust your intuition – Make Intuitive choices and create a healthy relationship with food

  6. Align your life – Align your wellness goals with your daily eating habits Pep in Practice

  7. Show compassion – look after yourself and make ethical choices and show compassion towards other living beings. Be a peppy person.

  8. Review your life -  Start creating healthy habits Pep for Life




  1. Nutritious and delicious food instantly (in a shot)

  2. Provide a learning environment to help develop awareness of how food and our lifestyle choices affects our energy, our immune system, our mood etc

  3. Turn dreams to reality supporting others on how to set up and operate their own businesses without being chefs or marketing experts

Peppy Team Feri & Phil
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